Our business offers yours a unique advantage

Standing out in dentistry is difficult, yet important as the market is becoming increasingly more competitive. Differentiation requires an understanding of what you are good at, a commitment to excellence, and a focus on the customer experience. We understand what it takes to stand out. This is why we invested significant resources to create an army of loyal, experienced experts to help you achieve your business goals.

Who would have thought a dental lab nestled in the Rocky Mountains would incorporate the age old warrior philosophies and strengths of Ninjas, Samurais, and Senseis to support our dentists and provide a unique business advantage for you.

Team Samurai

protecting the profitability of your practice

Team Samurai are business professionals with a proven expertise in guiding dental practices on a path to growth. Our disciplined method involves acquiring knowledge, important market data, and helping our valued clients achieve their business goals and maintain their leadership position in the community.

We can help you:

  • Stay ahead of trends
  • Integrate the latest technologies
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Get the most of your resources

Securing and maintaining a leadership position in dentistry takes constant monitoring and real-time awareness of market activities. Put Team Samurai to work for you today and unleash this business advantage by calling (303) 671-0903.


keeping you ahead of competitors

Team Ninja is here for you, with over 97 years of collective experience, we provide world-class technical support to ensure high quality clinical outcomes.  Your satisfaction and your patient’s happiness are paramount to our collective success.

Technical Support and Service for cases that are in process and may require help with seating or corrections along the way.  We are simply a phone call away from answering your case specific technical questions and providing world-class technical guidance.  If there is a problem, we will help you fix it.

Quality Assurance for your cases. 

Team Ninja and Sensei Hoffmann provide pivotal oversight throughout the restorative process by monitoring and verifying cases and maintaining communication with the lab technicians and you.  If a problem arises, we will collaborate with you to identify the root cause, create an action plan to fix the problem, and make repairs if necessary.

Case Discussions for cases that have several different options, from easy to solve problems to complex cases.  Team Ninja will provide guidance on options, technologies, and materials that can be employed to maximize success and patient satisfaction.  Since 1979 we’ve seen every possible case and have learned best practices to ensure successful clinical outcomes.

Chairside Consulting Services

Team Ninja is dedicated to providing you with convenient, professional, in-office chairside technical consulting.  Our elite technical consulting services include:

  • Step-by-step guidance, training, and in-office technical support for complex cases or challenging cases
  • Consulting expertise and training on the best practices for the latest techniques and technologies
  • In-office technical support for implant cases and hybrid bar cases

Put Team Ninja to work for you today and unleash this business advantage by calling (303) 671-0903.


Master the advanced art of implantology

Meet Dr. Arne Hoffman, a teacher, a technician, a practitioner and a researcher in the art and science of implant and general dentistry.

Dr. Hoffman can play an important role in your success:

  • As an effective communications bridge between you and our lab, giving you added confidence
  • With training in the latest technologies and techniques at CE events, and one-to-one in your office
  • By providing quality control within our lab and within your practice, leading to increased patient satisfaction

Dr. Hoffman offers you his expertise exclusively through Perry & Young to help you plan, and manage your complex cases. He’s also available to offer direct technical assistance to ensure success during implant procedures.

Put Sensei Hoffman to work for you today and unleash this business advantage by calling (303) 671-0903.


5 Day Turnaround Service

Dentists have been conditioned to expect a trade off: high quality vs. convenience. When a patient gets a crown or a beautiful smile makeover, they don’t want to wait a couple weeks for the final outcome. Furthermore, the more time a patient spends in temporary restorations, the greater the physiological movement, which can compromise the fit of the final restoration.

With our best in class quality systems in place, there is no longer a trade off! This highly valuable service was launched in 2010 and provides greater convenience and flexibility for patients and higher profitability and positive cash flow for dentists. Dentists across the region have voiced their appreciation and excitement for this unique and valuable service.

Be a hero to your patients and your bottom line.