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Team Ninja is here for you, with over 97 years of collective experience, we provide world-class technical support to ensure high quality clinical outcomes.  Your satisfaction and your patient’s happiness are paramount to our collective success.

Technical Support and Service for cases that are in process and may require help with seating or corrections along the way.  We are simply a phone call away from answering your case specific technical questions and providing world-class technical guidance.  If there is a problem, we will help you fix it.

Quality Assurance for your cases. 

Team Ninja and Sensei Hoffmann provide pivotal oversight throughout the restorative process by monitoring and verifying cases and maintaining communication with the lab technicians and you.  If a problem arises, we will collaborate with you to identify the root cause, create an action plan to fix the problem, and make repairs if necessary.

Case Discussions for cases that have several different options, from easy to solve problems to complex cases.  Team Ninja will provide guidance on options, technologies, and materials that can be employed to maximize success and patient satisfaction.  Since 1979 we’ve seen every possible case and have learned best practices to ensure successful clinical outcomes.

Chairside Consulting Services

Team Ninja is dedicated to providing you with convenient, professional, in-office chairside technical consulting.  Our elite technical consulting services include:

  • Step-by-step guidance, training, and in-office technical support for complex cases or challenging cases
  • Consulting expertise and training on the best practices for the latest techniques and technologies
  • In-office technical support for implant cases and hybrid bar cases

Put Team Ninja to work for you today and unleash this business advantage by calling (303) 671-0903.