Anything and everything you need to succeed

Crown and Bridge

When choosing a crown and bridge lab dentists look for reliable, high quality, consistent clinical outcomes. We have 15 experienced dental technicians, all highly trained in the fabrication of PFM, cast crowns eMax, eMax facings, layered zirconium and full contour zirconium. Your patients come to you for excellence, we understand this and have dedicated the past 38 years to make you a hero in delivering world-class restorations, your patients will love.

Custom Department

Talent, experience, artistry, and passion are prerequisites in finding a technician to design beautiful anterior teeth to blend and look natural. The P&Y cosmetic team of four experienced artisans and technicians possess 143 years of combined experience. We developed a proprietary layering technique to impress even the most critical patients and deliver brilliant results every time.

Denture Department

Removable appliances are easy to fabricate when you have a team of 10 technicians and 216 years of collective experience. We routinely find solutions to even the most difficult and complicated cases. Our removable portfolio includes full and partial dentures, splints, hard and soft splints, flippers, implant over dentures and all on four hybrid dentures.

Implant Department

What separates great implant laboratories from the exceptional implant labs is experience and communication. You can rest easy whey you rely on the 45 years of combined implant experience to conquer both your simple and most challenging implant cases. Dedication to training and precision at Perry & Young is paramount to providing exceptional results for your implant cases and we pride ourselves on your success!

Digital Milling & Printing Department

Pioneering new technology is a hallmark of our business strategy and growth. We were the first lab in the Rocky Mountain Region in 2004 to invest in CAD/CAM and we are also the most experienced. Our 6 experienced, dedicated dental technicians accept scans from all major intraoral scanners including CEREC.  Perry & Young provides world class technology and talent to you and your patients without compromise.